6-Months PAID and Preferred Guided Program + Simulation (6-Month Payment Plan)

Exclusive Coaching AND PRACTICE for Aspiring Project Managers and Scrum Masters

Bridge the gap between your current position and your dream role with our unrivaled, personalized coaching services.

Are you an ambitious professional ready to ascend to the pinnacle of your career? Transitioning into a top-tier role such as Project Manager or Scrum Master can be a challenging journey. To help you navigate this path, we offer a unique, comprehensive coaching program tailored specifically to the needs of high-achievers like you.

Here's what you get:

  • 2 one-on-one calls with a SOP Evolution Master Coach to discuss your resume, LinkedIn and overall strategy
  • Weekly group coaching calls (approx 60 - 90 minutes)
  • Simulation meetings 
  • A vault full of Agile and Project Management theory and trainings
  • An exclusive Facebook group to ask questions in between calls
  • Training on industry tools (task management, communication channels, etc).
  • Work references for simulation participation
  • Resume experience for simulation participation


Here's How We Facilitate Your Next Level:

1. Career Transition Support

Every career path is as unique as the individual walking it. Our dedicated team of experts provides personalized guidance, smoothing your way as you transition into a Project Management or Scrum Master role.

2. High-Impact Resume and LinkedIn Profile Optimization

In the modern job market, a stellar online presence is key. We polish your resume and LinkedIn profile to perfection, helping you stand out and make powerful connections in your industry.

3. Dynamic Job-Search Strategy

Our job-search strategy is not just effective — it's dynamic, targeted, and designed to ignite opportunities. With a structured, actionable plan, we aim to make your career transition efficient and successful.

4. Expert Interview Preparation

Ace your interviews with our expert coaching. We prepare you to confidently impress potential employers, highlighting your unique skills and experiences.

5. Elite Community of High-Performers

Journey alongside like-minded professionals. Our supportive community of high-performers will become your network, offering shared insights and experiences.

6. Real-World Training for Your New Role

We won't just help you land your dream job — we'll prepare you to excel in it. Our training programs focus on practical knowledge, turning textbook theory into actionable strategies that you can apply in your role as a Project Manager or Scrum Master.

7. Personalized Strategy Sessions

Enjoy one-on-one strategy sessions tailored to your specific needs. These personalized interactions ensure you get the maximum benefit from our program.

8. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the digital age, mastery of AI tools can set you apart from your peers. We provide expert guidance on how to leverage AI, positioning you as an attractive candidate and high-performer in your new role.

9. A 90-Day Onboarding Guide

Your first 90 days in a new role are critical for establishing your trajectory. We provide comprehensive support during this period, helping you transition from a newbie to a high-performing professional.

10. A Real-Life Scrum or Project Management Simulation

Depending on the path that you choose, you will participate in a real life scrum or traditional project, learn, experience challenges, interact with a real product/project, and customers!


Embrace the journey to your dream role with our unmatched coaching services. With our comprehensive support and your unwavering determination, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

$840.00 USD

6 monthly payments

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